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The Ferrari California Is Becoming a Bargain



The Ferrari California is becoming a bargain. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari California to show you its quirks and features -- and I'm going to drive the California to explain why this Ferrari is becoming a bargain.


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King Fitness22 : zzzzzzzzzzzzzthis is a ferrari
James DellaNeve : It’s the CNC in Upland, Ca. I live nearby and like to look at the cars here.
Steve Thomas : The yellow badge is way out of place.
点心XUXI : Better investment then a SL
Andrew Parker : I honestly don't understand why so many people hate this car. It is a gorgeous Ferrari, and is one of my favorites! I especially love that front air scoop, which so many modern Ferraris are no longer using
Dev Robledo : I would want and drive the car just because I am from California respect and much love ❤️ to the Ferrari California.
H.L. Westlake : you said real Ferrari so many times ....pshhh come on man.
Everything Jonathan : It may not be a “real Ferrari,” but tell me, how many people do you know who can afford a “real Ferrari.” That’s what I thought. This is still expensive but more affordable for some people and it is still a solid car.
Tony Cabrera : Does it come with manual transmission?
Aarushi Sinha : When Doug used to make <15 min videos ❤️

The Ferrari California is a STEAL UNDER $100K

The Ferrari California can easily be found for under $100K right now, and at that price, it might be the Ferrari you've been waiting for. Yes, it's not the mid engine V8 or even the front engine V12's, but it's just as much a Ferrari as those cars, and has the performance numbers to back it up. The grand touring setup provides far better comfort than most other Ferraris, but a touch of practicality yet still going fast as hell with a 0-60 in 3.8 seconds!

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ΜΑΝΩΛΗΣ Central asian ovcharka : Month costs ?
stu1002 : What's with that battery placement?
A) Why would you not put the battery at the back to help with weight distribution?
B) Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like a battery change is going to require the engine coming out??
christschool : I love the color.
umair mirza : What’s that dog smoking?
dylanes21 : I think it was supposed to be a Maserati? But it cost too much to build? Do not quote me on that one.
dylanes21 : Any word on the Transmission, cost to replace? Problems with the top?
Johnny Tsunami Herrera : Dan and Megan's cup holder argument was very funny. Dan three hours of research and Megan Zero hours, LOL. That car would suit me and my kids. we are petite thin small people. Italians are small petite people. Our average height is 5'5" and about 150lbs. Although when I lived in Italy (with the US Navy) I saw very little exotics driving around all thru Sicily. I decided to buy the Maserati Granturismo because it has lots of legroom in the backseat, is also a good grocery-getter because of trunk space. My kids and friends enjoy the Maserati. Great unbiased review from Megan and Dan. I would buy it, yes, because it fits me.
Lawrence Fearon : Feeling like Ferrari targeted the Mercedes SL65 in 2009. Similar performance and price. Both retractable hardtop convertibles. Both luxurious, long distance and front engined. Both available in roadster configuration. Even weigh nearly the same.
Volkan Tegen : Meg must join you in all your videos :)
Richard Boddington : Drove this car for week, enjoyed it, I almost bought one. Then I drove a Porsche 718, and went with the 718. The 718 handles way better than this car, and it's a lot lighter as well. Plus the 718 comes with a 4 year warranty for the price of a used California with no warranty.

Ferrari California T 2014-2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

The Ferrari California T marks the entry point to the Maranello brand's range. Make no mistake, though, it's no slouch – thanks to a twin-turbo V8 engine, this 2+2 convertible GT will top 196mph flat out. Among the (staggeringly expensive!) options fitted to this car is the Handling Speciale pack, bringing with it firmer suspension, faster changes from the dual-clutch transmission and a greater baritone roar from the exhaust. But does this baby of the Ferrari range feel special enough? Sit back and enjoy one of the fastest – and yellowest – carwow reviews ever!

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Arturo Perez : Definelly backseats are useless, if I own one of those take it off, and use that empty space for extra luggage
Evasion Productions : Ow, ow, I just crushed my legs, aw, f*ck, oh, sh*t, ah!

Lemmy: I broke my leg!
Erik N : Fcking hell your video's it's so good! Well done! You are now my new best car tester.
Tom Barker : I have no idea why I watch these videos, it's doubtful ill ever buy a new car of any marque.
5h4k35p34r3 : The infotainment system is Chrysler’s. The reviewer doesn’t know much about the cars he reviews.
drsupremo88 : Larry page are you watching this!
Zach Meyer : The fact that the cup holder cover cost the same as my car..... bruh
ph4tboy : I don't get the Burberry and Bottega reference. I don't know anything about bags. Anyone care to enlighten me?
henry wilson : My friends dad just bought the new one and it’s gorgeous, it’s very similar to this one but it’s a much nicer red, and it flys!
Mdumiseni Njeza : Rari




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