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This Seaside Home Offers Comfort and Views For Today’s Modern Family

A top-to-bottom renovation prioritizes large expanses of glass to frame picture-perfect views of the property’s charming New England location. Read the story here: www.dwell.com/article/kolbe-windows-modern-renovation-a03be07d
Dan Nuttall : This is an ad! Nothing more!
Phristo Cardiel : "Oh that's so nice" like a business partner
Chill Will : I didn't click this video to sit through an ad
Manufactured Housing Expert : Love your videos. Keep up the good work.
A Wonderful Life : This much wealth is disgusting.
John : Are these b-actors?
big O : The couple even looks and sounds like paid actors

Man:"Husband to a beautiful wife"
Woman: " oh, that's so nice"
B D : this was just a commercial.
GrowthGuided : Can you guys put videos out that aren’t so centralized around selling a product and just focus on the art of design.
sporq foon : My Wife's entire village could live in that house.

This Home's Unique Shape is Designed to Capture Sunlight

The structure maximizes changing daylight conditions with a window-filled, L-shaped floor plan that flows onto a lush landscape. Read the story here: https://www.dwell.com/article/l-shaped-home-long-island-0ecd54c9
S S : so sorry you lost your previous house to a fire...can be quite devastating and would not wish that on anyone. your new house is beautiful. designers did a great job. love how light-filled it is.
Manufactured Housing Expert : Let’s be YouTube buddies.
Tamara Klinger Levi : What about privacy??
RedwoodGeorge : Is Dwell a promotional channel for Marvin Windows? I don't see any mention here that this is an advertisement or a sponsored video.
Giuseppe Nativo : I can't see anything special about this house. The design solution is elementary, the space inside is ruined by the metal fence of the stairs (i can't see other materials, other than light, to enrich the inside).
The use of the adv should have been introduced in the intro.
The wooden extrusion of the facade on the pool is horrible.
The ornament is completely absent.
Another boring minimalistic and ultra expensive project realized.
Let's continue to kill architecture.
Joseph Bayot : Wow this house is gorgeous. I would love to see an even longer video.
HD : Uh, aren't you required to tell your audience that this video is an ad?

Walls of Windows Connect A Home With Earth and Sky

This home connects to nature with a design that appears to both hover over the landscape and rise up toward the sky. Read more here: www.dwell.com/article/new-jersey-walls-of-windows-0ba0cdfd
jupiter is a bean : this is a really beautiful house
E Lo : Beautiful!!!!!!
Эдуард Зубачев : wow! it's so wonderful..
Ray WamWam : It's Okay.
1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content : Stairs = for travel and circulate vertically. Lol
Mary Therese McCool : If Dwell is going to use these videos as an ad then you owe to subscribers to state that.
RedwoodGeorge : How is this not labeled "Paid Content" by YouTube?
Alex Singleton : This is an ad. Dwell should mention that.
Kisha Parker : Amazing




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