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The RooM : VR 360° horror

my first film 360 VR horror, created with cinema 4d
Gwen Dio : Yaaay movie time
น้อง ก้อย : หลอนนน
Adib Hoque : When the girl pulls me towards her Me: ...uuuum 2 metre social distancing please
John Edgar Perez : Am I the only one who thinks the ghost looks like the witch in Left 4 Dead 2?
ToTgeaR Gaming :
Aimee Fullerton : When the vase broke "I was like u better pay for my fucking vase u little girl"
Rexdtzx XxXGg : Its not even scary
Xx*sahar_ gacha*xX : 1:50 l got heart attack
Prove It : I missed being in this neat room, my room is a mess

Experience Bee's Room In 360 | ANNABELLE: CREATION

Evil wants to play. Step inside Bee’s Room and face your greatest fears.

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Játèk Játek : ijesztö
Maya Saavedra : Que miedo pero que do super vien
evellyn viviha : Kshjsgqlfsnfs gshgjrsnf hsvjekfdkf faifslgbs fsngojxs ftraslgO
Danielle Anderson : Lqqqcpwqxwodpwq q po qo
بيسو محمد : والله رهيب بس خوفني مره والله ماكذب
Kherbouche Toufik : Wooooooow
KawaiiCookie : The worst thing is I am on a headset vr
Dominika Kiralyova : Wow
Mohammad Mohammad : ؤد3هىؤلءبىءىقريءللارعرتعرعرخ
Hamad Murad : I8wi2211kkquikjjkkpaqqww

The RooM #6 : VR 360° horror

#360video #VR360 #VR

The RooM #7

The RooM #8

The RooM #9

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update coming soon:
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Бустер. Диво Остров.
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Elias B Urke : mk so i am a kid i do nto catfish buT LiKE i watching dis with my cuz and we be scared cuddle up in our b l a n k e t s and our t e d d y s
Ailish evans : The first one with the chair omg I died
Annabelle Sinclair : I choked on my halipanio pizza while watching cursing in spanish even though i don't speak spanish.
Jahnvi Tiwari :
Richard R : 3:49 i`m not scared
dezo pubg : ☹️
dezo pubg :
Emad Mahr : برا ئه فه هه رته يا ش يوتو بي ئيناتي خار . فيديو يئت خومالي درست كه .
داخازا سه ركه فتنئ☺️☺️
jana : Jana dast xosh




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