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AS50 Incendiary Round (HQ)

The Accuracy International AS-50 testing the dedicated incendiary round.
Indigo Cat : Tactical insertion?
Nkp765gtacod : This is one of the best anti material rifles out there being a pound lighter then the M82 and easy to maneuver.
Richard-Anthony Gilbey : If you like the AS50, You're gonna love the Magnetic Cannon
이성우 : 아버지(도와주십시요 사랑합니다 행복하세요 예수그리스도의 이름으로이성우 기도드립니다아멘 강수덕부귀 기도드립니다아멘
문재인 재거해야 사살해야 합니다 아버지 도와주십시요 사랑합니다 행복하세요 예수그리스도의 이름으로이성우 기도드립니다아멘 강수덕부귀 기도드립니다아멘
김정은체제 좌익들을 주사파들을 전부를 재거해야 사살해야 합니다
아버지 도와주십시요 사랑합니다 행복하세요 예수그리스도의 이름으로이성우 기도드립니다아멘 강수덕부귀 기도드립니다아멘
Vishnudas Kartha : 0:58 look at that scope. What a powerful beast.
53 Rize : This sniper is very dangerous
Loudpack Shawty : Only holds 5 rounds...shit all it takes is just one‍♂️
Istvan Andras : Yes , got some power behind that.
Bunda Marlina : MANTAP JIWA

AS50 - Comparison in 8 Different Games

All content from this video and this channel is recorded and edited only by me. If you're asking how many video games I have, well, maybe over 250.
What weapon do you want next? Vote the poll!
Weapon Comparison In Video Games playlist:
Angela Dalana : Game point Blank
Fariz rizaldi : AS50 and Barrett m82A1 is like Siblings.. since they have some similiar looks,.. and the most favorite sniper everyone play on every game FPS..
David Mahdal : Rush Team is missing :/
hege seb : this was my gun in dayz mod, overpoch. rly glad you added it. Taking down helis with the Nato rounds was <3
GOLDEN DJ TUNER CAR : Lo mismo pero ma barato
Zazkon Gaming And Animations : Battlefeild 2?
Padasht Jabar : what about cod mobile
WDZG : Best 4 in a countdown

1. COD MW3
2. Ghost in the shell
3. Warface
4. Farcry 2
Toppy Boi : ASS50
Heavy da sandwich eater : Barret. 50 cal's lil brother

Снайперская винтовка AS50

Добрый день.Сегодня в выпуске пойдёт речь о снайперском оружие AS 50.
Понравился выпуск ставим лайк и подписку!
PUG-alo Entertainment : Голос напоминает одного из ботов-говорилок
Kamrad-TV : ВСУ закупили партию этих винтовок
Rydinesko K : круто




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